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Lonza di suino, Lombo "Il Rocchello"

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Lonza Di Suino, Lombo "Il Rocchello"

Price per Kg.  Euro 27,90
Available formats:
1 Kg. Vacuum packed slice
2 Kg, vacuum packed slice
Packaging: The cured meats are packaged in boxes containing isothermal food packaging in polystyrene refrigerated with synthetic ice.
Delivery in Italy: 2-3 working days, refrigerated packages with synthetic ice.
Shipping costs: Free for purchases over 50 Euros. 10 Euros for purchases within 50 Euros.

Our Lombo  named Rocchello, but also called Lonza, is produced with high protein content and a low lipid content, it comes from the fine cut called pork loin or loin. It comes exclusively from animals that are born, raised and slaughtered in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy.

The Lombo, being a lean meat, is recommended for a balanced diet. It is a highly digestible sausage and contains few calories.

Processing The processing of pork loin involves a dry salting with seasonings obtained by mixing salts and spices, followed by a rest in the cold, for an average period of 15 days, then it is wrapped with a natural film called parietal diaphragm of pig and dried for some days. Finally it is taken to a cool and damp cellar to slow the maturing process for 30 - 60 days, to avoid excessive hardening of the external parts of the salami, given to its accentuated thinness.

Tips for tasting For an optimal taste it is served thinly cut, in combination with arugula and parmesan, seasoning it with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. 

"Il Rocchello" does not contain allergens, it does not contain gluten, it does not contain milk derivatives and it does not come from GMOs, genetically modified organisms.

Flavor  Its sweet and delicate flavor is slightly aromatic thanks to the presence of spices in the dressing of the seasoning.

Storage To properly store the Rocchello we suggest to keep it in a cool place if whole, in a refrigerator protected by a plastic film if cut.

Nutritional  declaration for 100 g. of product
Energy 252 Kcal/ 1056 KJ
Fat 10,5% of which saturates 4,5%
Protein39,5% Salt 3,5%
Carbohydrates  0,0% of which sugar 0,0 %