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Salame al tartufo il Principe Nero

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Salame Al Tartufo Il Principe Nero

Price per Kg. 33.5 Euro
Available formats: Kg. 0,45 whole piece
Delivery in Italy: 2-3 working days, refrigerated packages with synthetic ice.
Shipping costs in Italy: Free for purchases over 50 Euros. 10 Euros for purchases within 50 Euros.
For lovers of truffles and decidedly sought-after flavors!  here is our Salame il Principe Nero embellished with black truffle flakes from our hills, which give it an enveloping and refined fragrance and olfactory sensation, without covering the flavor.
It is processed by expert butchers who follow traditional and rigorous production standards.
Origin: our cured meats come from fine meat of heavy pigs, born and raised in the Po Valley, with methods aimed at animal welfare and fed according to a precise and strict discipline, then enriched with black truffle flakes and natural aromas.
Salting, bagging and binding: By hand
Natural casing: Crespone pork casing
Ingredients: Pork, salt, minced black summer truffle - tuber aestivum vitt (1.4%), wine, dextrose, flavorings, spices, garlic, preservatives: potassium nitrate E252, sodium nitrite E250. Inedible casing.
Allergens: None
GMO: None
Gluten free and lactose free
Seasoning: from 45 days to 60 days
Organoleptic characteristics: with an enveloping and aromatic flavor.
Storage: in a cool and ventilated place if whole, preferably hung. The ideal temperature is 15 to 20 degrees. In the refrigerator protected by a film if cut or peeled.
Consumption: after removing the skin, slice thinly at the moment to enhance the natural aroma, ideal for enriching your appetizers and snacks with an elegant note.
Nutritional  declaration for 100 g. of product
Energy  384 Kcal/ 1599 KJ
Fat 29,0% of which saturates 12,0%
Protein  30,0% Salt 4,0 %
Carbohydrates 0,5 % of which sugar 0,5 %