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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Salame Il Salamino Rocchetto

    Salame Il Salamino Rocchetto

    Il salame Rocchetto was once known by the term "Cacciatorino" (little hunter) as it referred to small sized seasoned salame, in order to be easily transported in hunters’ saddlebags.

    It is made with chopped mixtures from national fresh pork meat, It is then salted by hand and stuffed into natural casings. Tied by hand.
    Flavored with the same ingredients of Piacenza’s fllavourings, without any type of allergen, gluten nor milk derivatives. When cut, it is bright red / pink in the lean, white and mixed parts, with medium grain. It has a soft consistency, a sweet taste of fresh meat, slight hints of pepper and nutmeg, balanced aroma and slightly spicy.

    It can be stored at the temperature of 12-15°C, humidity 60-80%. Once cut, we recommend to store it in the refrigerator, wrapped in cellophane. It can be degustated as it is, hand sliced after having removed the natural casing.
    Average weight 0.150-0.300 Kg.
    On sale in the best retail stores of the GDO and in specialized delicatessens.Normally bundled in pairs.

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    Salame Il Salamino Rocchetto


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