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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini


In 1963 on the slopes of the Piacentino Apennines in Castell’Arquato, near the fascinating medieval village rich in history and traditions, the Salumificio La Rocca rises.

The idea stems from the union of the professional and artisan experiences of 4 members who give life to an entrepreneurial activity in the sector of slaughtering and processing of pork and the production and maturing of typical salami.

The genuine products of the norcina Piacenza tradition such as coppa, salami and pancetta, all high quality cured meats, are immediately appreciated by the market and large-scale retail trade.

With the affirmation of the product, Salumificio La Rocca faces a first phase of expansion in 1978 that will lead it to triple its own production.
Continuous development requires a considerable commitment on the part of all employees, as well as a strong motivation to maintain and further guarantee the excellent quality and production standards.

However, in the second half of the 1980s, the respective children of the members entered the company, thus creating a new propulsive action.
In the following years the market demands lead the Company to specialize in meat processing and in the production of cold cuts, thus achieving its most prestigious goals. In 1997 it received its own CE mark and the consequent export license, a few months later it obtained the ISO 9002 quality certification for the production and marketing of fresh and seasoned cured meats in general and typical Piacenza Coppe and Salami, with accreditation for Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

Finally, thanks to the collaboration with the “CONSORZIO SALUMI TIPICI PIACENTINI”, of which the Salumificio is a member since the early years, receives the prestigious European recognition D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) for the Coppa, Salami and Pancetta of Piacenza.

  • Il campo di pomodori 
    Il campo di pomodori
  • La cabina ENEL 
    La cabina ENEL
  • La ruspa che spiana 
    La ruspa che spiana
  • I mattoni 
    I mattoni
  • Lo scavo per la cantina 
    Lo scavo per la cantina
  • Lo scavo ultimato 
    Lo scavo ultimato
  • La prima colonna 
    La prima colonna
  • Filo a piombo 
    Filo a piombo
  • I muri portanti 
    I muri portanti
  • Le travi del tetto 
    Le travi del tetto
  • Le due campate 
    Le due campate
  • Ricerca per il pozzo 
    Ricerca per il pozzo
  • Pozzo trovato 
    Pozzo trovato
  • L'inaugurazione 
  • La festa 
    La festa
  • I soci fondatori 
    I soci fondatori
  • Furgoncino anno 1963 
    Furgoncino anno 1963
  • La macellazione 
    La macellazione
  • La stagionatura in cantina 
    La stagionatura in cantina
  • Festa dei 25 anni 
    Festa dei 25 anni
  • 1985 - veduta aerea 
    1985 - veduta aerea
  • Cortigiana con La Rocca 
    Cortigiana con La Rocca
  • Ingresso stabilimento 
    Ingresso stabilimento
  • I primi 40 anni 
    I primi 40 anni