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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Productive process

The quality of products, respecting the tradition, with the help of the most modern technologies and with a particular attention to hygiene and health, the right balance between modernity and ancient butchery art, these are the values ​​from which the typical salamis are born at Salumificio La Rocca.

Being up the times for us means:

Quality of raw materials

Meats come only from pigs bred in Emilia and Lombardy, butchered in carefully selected environments, and controlled thanks to the activity of sampling and analysis carried out by qualified external laboratory.


A quality assurance system is applied to the entire production process, in accordance with the provisions of European standards. The company is, in fact, accredited according to the ISO 22000 standard, a food safety management system.

Self regulation

An internal monitoring system designed ensures correct hygiene practices, according to the principles on which HACCP is based (Risk analysis and critical control points).

Technological innovation

Controlled temperature environments, the use of automated systems for drying, resting and seasoning meats, with the collection and recording of all data on a central computer 24 hours a day.

Professional staff

Training and constant personnel fine tuning trainings, with the planning of training courses both theoretical and practical, in collaboration with authorized bodies.

The cradle of Piacenza tradition:

Meat selection

Experienced operators know how to mow and trim the raw pieces, choosing the best cuts and the best parts.

Manual skill

The salting of the meats, the sausage bagging, the binding of whole products, all carried out manually with ancient techniques, handed down from generation to generation.

Experience and master. 

The color, the scent, the texture, the taste, only the real delicatessen are able to interpret all these sensations and feelings to ensure that the mature salami and the seasons in the best possible way.

Ingredients and culture. 

The history of the Piacenza area has taught us  how to use only guts and natural skins, to dose spices and drugs according to precious and unique recipes, and above all to let it be the slow passage of time to flavor meats.

Clean air of the Piacenza hills

Temperature and humidity are controlled automatically, but it is the breeze of our hills that filters through the seasoning that gives the salami the typical and inimitable fragrance.