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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini


Castell’Arquato, an intact medieval village rich of charm and poetry, is the ideal stopover for a journey through the castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza which present evidence and vestiges of the past, art and culture.

This is an area of ​​Piacenza to be discovered, as it offers the magic of historic villages, the enchantment of ancient manors, the discovery of uncontaminated nature and still intense and delicate flavors of typical dishes, true gastronomic masterpieces to be enjoyed.

Many events to be discovered:

- The village of Castell'Arquato and its magical medieval re-enactment of September with the School of Arms Gens Innominabilis and the Proloco of Castell'Arquato

- The association of the 23 castles of the duchy with their initiatives and activities

- Discover the Piacentini Hills, follow The Wine and Flavor Route in search of hidden agri-food treasures, venture into the history and tradition of this wonderful territory

- Protected nature, quality of agri-food production and hospitality in the Apennines with the Emilia Romagna Apennines Park basket (

- There are many fairs and festivals in the area. The National Pro Loco of Italy Union ( is the Association that assumes a role of fundamental importance for the promotion, acceptance and socialization, with the protection and enhancement of the Intangible Assets such as: uses and costumes, craft traditions, ancient recipes and dialects, promotes cultural and enogastronomic initiatives in countries and municipalities.



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Associations  e Consortiums


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