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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Chard cake with Guanciale (bacon)

Here is a savory pie that I love to offer to guests as an appetizer and then jump to the main dish of meat or fish. In this way, even my husband who does not like vegetables eats some!
It can also become a real dinner saver to make up for something appetizing at the last moment
For this savory pie Alessandra Barbone the food blogger created this recipe and published it in her blog She used puff pastry and a little small chard together with a mozzarella.
To make everything tastier and satisfy the throat, she added some chopped bacon to the filling and then put some slices on the surface in order to give the crunchy note.
1 roll of ready-made round puff pastry
500 g of small chard
300 g of bacon, not very thin slices (I La Gola from Salumificio La Rocca)
1 mozzarella of about 150 g
grated parmesan to taste
Salt to taste.
pepper as needed.
"I kept the pastry at room temperature for a quarter of an hour and in the meantime I cleaned and washed the beets well which I then cooked with very little water. I drained them well and chopped them coarsely with a knife. I put the beets in a bowl. 
I adjusted with salt and pepper and I mixed a little.
I added the diced mozzarella and the chopped bacon with a knife, keeping some aside to put on the surface of the cake.
I mixed the filling well.
I unrolled the pastry and put it in a baking tray leaving it on its parchment paper. I poured the filling and spread it evenly. I placed the remaining slices of bacon on top and finally folded the excess edges of the pastry over the cake.
I baked static at 200 ° for about 35 minutes. The cake is ready when the pastry is golden and the bacon crunchy.
I let it cool completely before serving. "