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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Fresella stuffed with vegetables and pig loin the rocchello

Here is the wholemeal Fresella by chef Carmine Brutto @brutto_chef stuffed with:
- Patataro tomato,
- White aubergine fillet,
- Sweet and sour yellow pepper,
- Lonza Lombo "Il Rocchello"
- Chipotle pepper flakes.
Fresh, original and very tasteful !! 😍
You can easily find the Freselle in supermarkets and bakers but if you want to make them at home, I will show you a link where you can get all the information.
Freselle are a type of donut-shaped toasted bread baked in the oven, then cut in half and passed back into the oven.
The wholemeal freselle or friselle recipe is originally from southern Italy precisely Campania, Salento and Calabria even if each region has its own version, using different flours and seasonings.
Making freselle at home is easy, you can dress them with whatever you want, even if the best known are certainly with ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano and good oil.
Homemade freselle are truly exceptional and can be kept closed in a food bag for several days, the recipe requires few ingredients, I used wholemeal flour because I prefer it but obviously they can be prepared with the flour of your choice.
Before seasoning the freselle or friselle, since it is a dry bread, it is necessary to "sponge" them or "sponsarle" that is, wet them with water.