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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Rice sandwiches with Fiocco di Prosciutto

250 g of arborio rice
1 whole egg
50 g of grated pecorino romano
slices of ham flake (Salumificio La Rocca) to taste
mozzarella cherries to taste
datterini tomatoes to taste
peanut oil for frying
: I boiled the rice in abundant salted water until it was slightly cooked through. I drained it very well and put it in a bowl.
I immediately added the whole egg and stirred quickly so as not to cook the egg with the heat of the rice.
I then also added the grated pecorino romano and mixed again.
I let the rice cool and then I put it between two sheets of parchment paper and I started flattening it first with my hands trying to compact it well so as not to leave empty spaces, then with a rolling pin I pressed well until you get a compact sheet of thickness less than half a centimeter.
I let it cool very well and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Then I took the rice sheet and removed one of the two sheets of parchment paper.
I first cut into squares of about 10 cm per side and then into a triangle following a diagonal.
I then fried the triangles in plenty of peanut oil until golden brown without making them too crunchy.
I made the rice triangles cool.
On half of the triangles I put 2 or 3 slices of ham flake, I covered with the other triangles and I fixed each sandwich with a skewer with which I first skewered a cherry of milk and a datterino tomato.
Recipe and photos by Food Blogger Alessandra Barbone from the isognatoridicucinaenuvole site
I served the rice sandwiches with ham flakes to accompany a homemade Aperol Spritz.