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Do you know what Culatta or Culaccia is?

The Culatta comes from the processing of the same anatomical part of the Culatello, that is the most valuable part of the ham. The difference lies in the fact that it is left with two fingers of fat under its natural rind and with the anchetta, a small shell-shaped bone, which serves to protect the product during its long aging. It is processed and greased like a ham and in the end, after more than a year of curing, it is very sweet and rich in aromas.
Awards: La Culatta il Mandolino received from the Merano Wine Festival the Gold The WineHunter Award Gourmet's International which certifies the high quality and is awarded annually to culinary, wine, spirits and beers excellence. The prize is awarded to national and international products which, based on an internal evaluation system, reach a minimum score of 90 points out of 100. The award is a reference for the superior quality of the product for the buyer and the consumer. Each product subjected to evaluation is tasted by at least one tasting commission.
Raw materials used: to make the Culatta, the leg of a large national fresh pig is used.
Organoleptic characteristics: the "Culatta" has a sweet and juicy flavor, hints of butter and dried fruit, an intense and spicy aroma with hints of hazelnut.
Consumption: Culatta or Culaccia is eaten as it is, thinly sliced, after removing the rind and lard. You can also find tantalizing recipes created for us by famous food bloggers and chefs in the Recipes section of our website.

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