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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

We wish you a happy Easter with a tasty novelty of our e-commerce

Today's restrictions on circulation prevent you from enjoying the traditional Easter trip, and many of you from taking a leap into our golden pig shop in castell'arquato, for typical purchases of the anniversary.  then we hope to be able to alleviatee in part with our online shop that allows you to buy and receive our delicious cured meats directly at home.

All our typical Piacentini cured meats can be delivered at home by courier, in suitable packages, containing synthetic ice suitable for the transport of food, to maintain an adequate product temperature throughout the trip. moreover, for the occasion, we have included in the online assortment our characteristic

Easter salami: "the pret" or priest's hat: a fresh salami to cook with an unmistakable trapezoid shape reminiscent of the classic one of the old headdresses of the country curates (that of Don Camillo to understand us) it is a delicious food to dedicate to the menu of special occasions, in fact in the past it was reserved exclusively for tables placed on feast days. it is a pig shoulder, boned, spicy and reciting in one's own brood. a noble boiled wine to accompany with a classic purè potatoes, or a green or tomato sauce, if not with tasty lentils.

Its still artisanal work involves the boning of the pig's shoulder, its   spiciness, and after a short rest period of 2/3 days, the whole piece is carefully stitched up in its cup. its cooking takes about 3 hours on a low heat and in the end, when the cotenna sarà così soft to open slightly, you will be rewarded by a tender meat with a tasty, savory and sweet flavor at the same time, with accentuated aromatic notes of spices. it should be served hot, cut as such, sliced generously thick, but if you can't consume everything & excellent even the next day enjoyed cold.

We remember the other Easter offer: the baby cup that maintains the discount for you of 25%, a kilo and a half of fresh sweetness!

A wish to everyone for a happy Easter from all the staff of the salami factory la rocca in the hope of being able to see us again soon in person!  

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