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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Focaccia barese with coppa piacentina dop and caciocavallo

The Bari focaccia is a horse of Alessandra Barbone, the Bari food blogger.
This focaccia is the home version of the one made in Bari bakeries. The cooking is obviously different, because home ovens do not reach the high temperatures of professional ovens and having said that I'll explain why this new post.
Given that the Bari focaccia is also excellent on its own, in Bari when we eat it on the street or at home we typically accompany it with mortadella and provolone.
Today is a new winning pairing: the choice of the cup with a delicate flavor, but no less successful, and of the caciocavallo.
The caciocavallo I chose is from Puglia.
“Here I have paired a caciocavallo di Martina Franca aged in a cave with a strong, spicy flavor and a delicate aroma, a pearl of Apulian gastronomy.
The Coppa Piacentina Pdo is not an Apulian product, it is from Emilia, but I don't let myself be too caught up in parochialism and I guarantee you that the one I used from Salumificio La Rocca on the hot focaccia from Bari gave off its aroma to the fullest.
Since we are struggling with Covid we have all given ourselves to online purchases and personally I have noticed how convenient it is both for practicality and for prices.
I am greedy for cured meats and in the past thanks to my dear Emilian friends Francesca, Danilo and Celestina I had the opportunity to try cured meats that are not found here in Puglia and now that I have found these online I will not leave them anymore. Plus they deliver them to me at home!
High quality is something I always look for and here I found it.
Let's face it. We are almost completely closed at home and we seek gratification above all in food and therefore if we have to gratify ourselves let's do it with quality products.
Eating well makes us feel good and gives us joy and well-being.
As usual, I got lost in chatter. Just this morning they told me it's my biggest flaw, I chat too much!
So here's my focaccia from Bari with PDO Piacenza Coppa and caciocavallo! "
(for a 40 cm pan)
500 g of flour 0
10 g of brewer's yeast or 100 g of mother yeast
2 teaspoons of fine salt
400 g of warm water
Salt to taste
extra virgin olive oil to taste
cherry tomatoes to taste
oregano to taste
olives to taste
tomato puree to taste
(for a 32 cm pan)
300 g of flour 0
About 240 g of warm water
7 g of brewer's yeast or 60 of mother yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons of fine salt
the rest as above
For the realization you can find the video for its realization here.