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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Vol au vent with salame dell'Alfiere

Today I present to you a recipe from Food Blogger Daniela Dal Ben: i vol au vent with radicchio cream cheese, Alfiere del Suino d'oro salami and Tropea onion mousse.
The vol au vent recipe is very simple and I relied on the Silver Spoon.
 Ingredients for 4 people :
 2 rolls of puff pastry
1 egg for brushing
1 salamino Alfiere del Suino d'oro Salumificio La Rocca
some leaves of Chioggia radicchio
100 gr. of cream cheese like Philadelphia
1/2 jar of Tropea Delizie Vaticane onion mousse
50 gr. of Casatella Treviso
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
extra virgin olive oil
Procedure: to prepare the vol au vent, start by unrolling the first disc of puff pastry and, using a 6 cm diameter circular pasta cutter, cut out many discs trying as much as possible to avoid any leftover dough. Proceed in this way also with the second roll of puff pastry. Set aside 10 discs and arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make a central hole on the remaining discs using a smaller pastry cutter (about 3-4 cm in diameter) in order to obtain many crowns.
Prick the 10 filled discs with the tines of a fork and brush them with beaten egg. On each of them place 3 crowns taking care to always brush with the beaten egg even on the edges. This operation not only serves to fix the crowns together, but has the function of allowing the characteristic golden color of the vol au vent.
Bake them in the preheated oven at 200 ° for 10-15 minutes or in any case until the vol au vents appear swollen and golden. Take them out of the oven and let them cool.
Meanwhile, prepare the cream of cheeses and radicchio.
After having carefully washed and dried the radicchio leaves, slice them thinly with a knife, pour them into a bowl and season with a drizzle of salt and pepper.
 Leave to rest for 3 minutes, then gradually add the cheeses, first the Philadelphia then the Treviso Casatella, mix well.
Fill the vol ai vent with half a tablespoon of this mixture, add 2 slices of Alfiere salami from the pig of gold to the side and finish with half a teaspoon of Tropea onion mousse.
Recommended wine: Prosecco delle Venezie