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Cotechino Invistidura del Borgo

    Cotechino Invistidura Del Borgo

    The Cotechino Invistidura (Investiture) can be dated back from an ancient tradition of the Middle Ages, that is from the ceremony that accompanied the assignment of a title, a fief or a charge by the sovereign or the powerful of the moment; the solemn ceremony that accompanied this act was called Investitura and hence the name of the salami that was consumed during the festivities and which was also "dressed" for the occasion, that is, stuffed into natural gut.
    USED ​​RAW MATERIALS: for the invistidura cotechino a chopped mixture from national fresh pork is used
    CASING: Natural bovine casing (straight beef or caps)
    SEASONING: slow cold drying for 24 hours
    INGREDIENTS: noble pork fat without soft parts coming from pancetta, lard and throat, chopped rind, chopped shoulder, infusion of spices in Monterosso dei Colli Piacenza wine, natural aromas. Antioxidant: L300 ascorbic acid. preservatives: potassium nitrate E252, sodium nitrite E250.
    GMOs: None
    AVERAGE WEIGHT: 0.500 - 0.700 Kg.
    CUTTING APPEARANCE: The slice of cotechino is soft when cut with a homogeneous distribution between fat and lean. Its color is brown / pink. The grain of the dough is fine.
    ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: cotechino has a sweet but intense flavor at the same time, strong aromatic notes of spices and wine, marked flavor.
    STORAGE: In the refrigerator both fresh and vacuum-packed.
    CONSUMPTION: To be consumed after having carefully cooked the cotechino for about three hours, low heat. Serve hot, cut into thick slices accompanied by vegetable creams, mashed potatoes or the classic stewed lentils.
    Try it even the next day, with no need for it to be heated up.

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