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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Our rustic golden pork salami wins the first prize

Our Piacenza PDO salami won the first prize at the Emilian salami competition  Fridayì 5 November 2021 in ferrara  the farms of Emilia Romagna challenged each other in a race to the last slice in the production of the best artisan salami.

The gastronomic challenge saw ten companies in the region selected by the journalist giorgio cannì, expert in food and historical collaborator of il corriere della sera, try their hand at this tasty test.

The best salami was awarded by a jury made up of chefs, chefs, food critics and food bloggers, who had the difficult task of deciding who best knew how to balance taste, technique, ingredients and manuals, to obtain a traditional product that never sets.

To compose the jury of this challenge the councilor for tourism matteo fornasini, the professor of the vergani institute Eugenio Lambertini e Massimiliano Urbinati, president of the association Road of Wines and Flavors of the province of Ferrara.

The butchers will be voted on three fundamental characteristics: aroma, color and flavor. the winner is awarded as the best artisan salami 2021. all excellent products with fantastic characteristics, but to win the victory, for a tie were the sausage factory the fortress of the province of piacenza  to the farm Bosca di Ferrara.

"I was very happy to participate in this event – explains Vittorio Magni del salumificio la Rocca – I was obviously a bit scared becauseé I knew that here in ferrara there were master salumai of considerable experience, but we played it and we arrived first on a par with a local salami. our salami & egrave; dop that responds to a precise European specification that allows us to select the raw material then heavy pigs, the processing with precise rules and above all the seasoning and the importance that pigs must be born, bred and slaughtered in Emilia Romagna and Lombardy ".

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