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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Salted croissants with Alfiere salami and asparagus

Recipe by Alessandra Barbone from the blog I sognatori di Cucina e nuvole
"We are now at the end of the seasonality of asparagus, but here in Puglia I still find them and so I take advantage of it.
I like them a lot and given the scorching heat that has now arrived a few weeks ago, I'm almost always trying to prepare cold dishes.
Do you remember the burger buns I posted some time ago?
Well, the recipe is the only one that I made small savory croissants with that dough that I stuffed very simply.
My speech is always the same, quality ingredients give quality results at the end of the preparations.
This time for the filling I chose the Alfiere del Suino D'Oro salami from Salumificio La Rocca which can be easily purchased online on the company website or on Amazon along with all the other cured meats. Obviously speaking of sandwiches the quantities are quite free.
The number of croissants also depends on the measure you decide to make. Mine were about 10cm long.
Alfiere del Suino D'Oro  salami to taste (Salumificio La Rocca)
Asparagus to taste
White scamorza to taste
Croissants to taste
First I prepared the croissants and the recipe for the dough can be found here.
250 g of flour 0
125 g of warm milk
20 g of granulated sugar
2 teaspoons of fine salt
50 g of peanut or sunflower oil
12 g of fresh brewer's yeast
I put all the ingredients except the salt in the mixer bowl and started kneading at low speed with the leaf whisk. As soon as the ingredients started to mix, I also added the salt. I slightly increased the speed and continued kneading until stringing. In the end I put the speed to maximum for about ten seconds.
I emptied the dough on the pastry board and divided it into pieces of about 60 g each.
I gave the folds to each piece bringing the edges from the outside to the center and finally pirlando very well.
I placed the balls on a clean cloth very wide between them and I just crushed them with the palm of my hand.
I covered with another cloth and put it to rise in a warm place.
Once they have risen, I put the burger buns in a pan, I brushed the surface with a little milk and I baked in a static oven at 200 ° for about 15 - 20 minutes.
Adjust according to your oven. They are cooked when they are golden brown on the surface.
If you want to be sure they are cooked, do the toothpick test.
After kneading I rolled out a rectangular sheet with a rolling pin less than half a centimeter thick and 20 cm wide. The measurement of the long side doesn't really matter.
Then I cut isosceles triangles with the base of about 10 cm and as long as the short side of the pastry. I then rolled each triangle on itself starting from the base to form the croissants. I placed it on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and let it rise covered with cling film until doubled.
I brushed the surface of the croissants with a little milk and baked in a statiso oven at 200 ° for about 10-15 minutes.
Then I peeled the asparagus and boiled them in salted water using a pan with high sides that contained them entirely because I don't have a special pot. I drained them still crunchy.
I cut the ends a bit long to use them for sandwiches and saved the tails to use them for a risotto.
I cut the smoked cheese into thin slices. I peeled and sliced ​​the Alfiere salami
At this point, having all the ingredients ready, I just have to stuff the meatballs.
I cut the croissants after they have cooled completely and I placed the half slices of smoked cheese slightly overlapping on the bottom and the slices of Alfiere salami on top of the smoked cheese, overlapping them to form a nice thick layer.
Finally I added some asparagus tips to feeling.
I completed by covering with the top of the croissant.
I served freshly stuffed.
If you want to keep the stuffed croissants, you can arrange them on a plate and cover them with plastic wrap before putting them in the fridge.
Just keep them at room temperature for half an hour before serving.
I would like to specify that the croissants must still be consumed on the day they were cooked.
Alternatively, you can freeze empty clo