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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Salame Alfiere del Suino D'Oro

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Salame Alfiere Del Suino D'Oro

The "Alfiere" salami is small in size because in the past it could be easily transported in hunters' saddlebags.

USED ​​RAW MATERIALS: Mixed mince coming from national fresh pork
BAGGING, TIDING and binding: By hand
NATURAL ENVELOPE: Interiors of female pig
SEASONING: 15/30 days
INGREDIENTS: Pork, salt, wine, dextrose, spices, preservatives: potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite
GMOs: None
AVERAGE WEIGHT: 0.150 - 0.300 Kg.
CUT APPEARANCE: bright red / pink in the lean parts and white in the mixed parts, medium grain
ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: soft consistency, sweet taste of good meat, fresh and slightly spicy aroma
STORAGE: Whole from 12 to 15 ° C, humidity 60/80%. Once cut in the refrigerator wrapped in cellophane
CONSUMPTION. To be tasted as it is, sliced ​​often and by hand, after having removed the skin. Ideal for snacks.