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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Coppa Piacentina DOP "La Regina"

Coppa Piacentina DOP "La Regina"

The PDO coppa is the most famous Piacenza cold cut, its origin is linked to the family tradition handed down in the farms of the plain, where this salami was considered as one of the most valuable products, to be used for consumption on feast days and for gifts of particular importance.
The Gambero Rosso, in its Guide, awarded the Coppa Piacentina PDO La Regina with the recognition of excellence: the 3 slices, with a score of 90-95 cents, which means great gustatory and aromatic impact. It was the only seasoned cup to have this recognition.
The characteristic of the Coppa Piacentina PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) of Salumificio La Rocca is its sweetness, which requires a limited percentage of salt and the wise use of spices that must not overpower the perfume given by the slow aging.
It is produced with meat from the neck of mature pigs, born and raised on farms in Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, with the methods provided for the heavy Padano pig.

The cut of meat, the cervical muscle of the pig, is covered with a dry mixture of salts and spices and left to rest in a cold environment. It is massaged to make the tanning penetrate and absorb well. This is followed by an accurate wrapping with natural pig skin: the traditional "suet skin". The seasoning lasts for at least 6 months and takes place slowly in the cool cellars of our Salumificio.
It does not contain gluten or milk derivatives. All ingredients are allergen free and do not come from GMOs.

Coppa Piacentina PDO is tasted thinly sliced ​​with fragrant bread, excellent also with fried dumplings or piadine.
To properly preserve the Piacenza Coppa it is advisable to keep it in a cool place if whole, in the refrigerator protected by a film if cut. If it is particularly seasoned, to facilitate the removal of the skin, it is advisable to wrap it for a few hours in a cloth soaked in water or in white wine. After that proceed to completely peel off the slightly softened product.

If the Coppa Piacentina is vacuum-packed it is advisable to remove it from the refrigerator and leave it open for at least half an hour before cutting, to enhance its aroma.
Average weight: 1,800 - 2,000 Kg.