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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Salame Piacentino PDO

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Salame Piacentino PDO

Price per Kg. Euro 23.94
Available formats: 0.3 Kg. Vacuum packed slice, 0.6 Kg. Whole
Packaging The cured meats are packaged in boxes containing isothermal food packaging in polystyrene refrigerated with synthetic ice.
Delivery in Italy: 2-3 working days,
Shipping costs in Italy: Free for purchases over 50 Euros. 10 Euros for purchases within 50 Euros.
Packaging The cured meats are packaged in boxes containing isothermal food packaging in polystyrene refrigerated with synthetic ice.Salame Piacentino DOP (Protected Designation of Origin)  is prepared exclusively with cuts of lean and pink pancetta from heavy pigs from Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy.

A strict specification approved by the European Union controls and protects the production areas, the care for animal welfare and the choice of pigs that must have specific characteristics, processing and maturing methods.

The minced meat with the traditional coarse mill is topped with a mixture of salts and spices and moistened with an infusion of garlic and white wine from our hills: the Monterosso di Castell’Arquato.

DOP Salame Piacentino does not contain gluten nor milk derivatives.

All ingredients are allergen free and do not come from GMOs.

The meat is stuffed into casings of natural pork gut, which having a slightly oily wall, slows the drying of ground meat.
After the traditional manual binding it is then seasoned for a minimum of 45 days as required by the specification, to obtain a nice compact product and an optimal homogeneity of drying between the inner parts and the outside of the slice.

Once the skin is removed, it can be consumed hand cut, slightly thick. It is excellent with wholemeal bread and piadine.

To properly preserve the salami it is advisable to keep it in a cool place if whole, in a refrigerator protected by cellophane if cut. If it is particularly seasoned, to facilitate the removal of the skin, we suggest to wrap it for a few hours in a cloth soaked in water or in white wine. After that we suggest to make a star shaped incision on the skin on the top and then proceed to completely peel the product, which will also be slightly softened.

If Salame Piacentino D.O.P. is vacuum-packed, we recommend removing it from the refrigerator and leave it open for at least half an hour before cutting, to enhance its aroma.
Cut appearance: bright red / pink in the lean parts and white in the mixed parts, medium / coarse grain
Organoleptic Characteristics: Dop Piacenza salami has a compact consistency, sweet and savory taste of seasoned meat, hints of pepper, strong and spicy aroma
Storage: Whole from 12 to 15 ° C, humidity 60/80%. Once cut in the refrigerator wrapped in cellophane
Consumption: To be tasted as it is, slightly sliced often by hand, after having removed the skin or for delicious recipes
Ingredients: Pork, salt, wine and garlic infusion, dextrose, spices, preservatives: potassium nitrate E252, sodium nitrite E250..Inedible rind.
Nutritional  declaration for 100 g. of product
Energy 384 Kcal/ 1599 KJ
Fat 29,0% of which saturates 12,0%
Protein  30,0% Salt 4,0 %
Carbohydrates 0,5 % Of which sugar 0,5 %