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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Do you know the Salame Gentile of the salami factory La Rocca?

It is a typical product of the Piacenza tradition with a sweet and savory flavor, hints of pepper, an intense and spicy aroma.
Its processing is controlled by a precise production disciplinary and is part of the traditional Italian agri-food products (PAT) prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry which guarantees the origin of the animals: heavy pigs from farms in the Emilia Romagna regions and Lombardia, pigs selected from traditional breeds, reared with methods aimed at the welfare of the animal and fed with feed provided for by specific regulations.
The careful seasoning and skilful spiciness give it an incomparable aroma and flavor. Its main feature is the natural casing used for stuffing. The binding of the salami is done by hand with rope as tradition dictates, while the aging takes place in the cellar for 90 days, ensuring a natural and homogeneous drying of the salami. It has no gluten, no chemicals and no GMOs.
We have added a new variant to our online shop with a 20% discounted promotional price for the entire month of November: Salame Gentile CON LA GOCCIA is a cured meat for true Norcina art lovers. It rests for several months in a cool cellar. The long seasoning means that when the slice is cut it presents some oil tears typical of very ripe cured meats. The salami is so tasty and sweet at the same time, with hints of cellar and wood, an intense and spicy aroma, a very compact consistency.
To remedy the hardening due to seasoning, wrap it in a kitchen towel well soaked in water and moistened with white wine, and let it rest for a few hours. At that point we recommend that you peel it completely and taste it thinly sliced ​​by hand.

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