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Salumificio La Rocca - Salumi tipici piacentini

Rigatoni with zucchini and coppa piacentina PDO

Every now and then you have to let your throat win!
This is why we have published this rich and appetizing Rigaatoni pasta dish with zucchini and Coppa with our Coppa Pacentina Dop La Regina award-winning by Gambero Rosso and the De L'Espresso Guide.
You can order the Coppa Piacentina Dop on our website like all the other cured meats of our production or on Amazon.
We suggest you consult our proposals for maching dishes, appetizers, first courses and main courses to present the cured meats on the table with a little creativity and proposing a balanced diet.
Recipe by food blogger Alessandra Barbone from the blog I Sognatori di cucina e nuvole.
Coppa Piacentina DOP is an authentic and genuine product typical of the Piacenza area. This coppa is characterized by its sweetness, which requires a limited percentage of salt and the skilful use of spices that must not dominate the scent of the seasoned salami.
It is produced with meat from pigs reared in Emilia Romagna and Lombardy with the methods envisaged for the heavy Padano pig. It is then left to mature for a minimum of 6 months.
A strict specification approved by the European Union controls and protects the production areas, the care for animal welfare and the choice of pigs that must have specific characteristics, processing and maturing methods.
Organoleptic characteristics: Coppa Piacentina PDO La Regina has a sweet and savory flavor, memories of dried fruit, an intense and spicy aroma with hints of almond.
Available formats: 0.9 Kg. Vacuum packed slice, 1.8 Kg. Whole piece
Shipping costs in Italy: free for purchases over 50 Euros. 10 Euros for purchases within 50 Euros.

Informations about International shipments

Packaging The cured meats are packaged in boxes containing isothermal food packaging in polystyrene refrigerated with synthetic ice.

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